Jilda Farias
Island Ambassador/Creative Content Manager

“I’m on a mission to spread fun times and positivity wherever life takes me. Whether I find myself on a stage showcasing my vocal talent, creating content for social media, or helping others make the most of their time on Pelee Island, my aim is to create an atmosphere that inspires living and enjoying life for the simple moments.”

Describe an element of your work where you feel on top of your game right now.

Over the last year, I have been developing my content creation skills. I have always considered photography a passion of mine, but with the new social media platform creation tools, I’ve been able to discover new unique ways to channel my artistic capturing of the world as I see it. Check out my Instagram account under the handle @jildarosesings.

Do you have a story about a particularly formative moment in your career?

While in university training as an opera singer, I had to become resourceful when finding work in the summertime. When I saw an advertisement seeking a Tour Guide on Pelee Island I knew I found my niche. I pivoted the use of my performing arts skills and hopped the ferry to my new stage, Pelee Island. I engrossed myself in the fascinating history and lore of the island, specifically the Legend of Hulda’s Rock. One day I was guiding a tour on Sheridan Point and the owner of Vin Villa witnessed my dramatic retelling of the infamous tale; it was clear that I was in my element and he definitely took notice. Consequently, I was asked to help develop a tour of the Vin Villa property, showcasing its unique history as well as its most recent chapter as a high-end event space.

Earliest Inspiration

I have been a singer and performer for as long as I could begin to carry a tune. Entertaining others has always come naturally to me and guided tours were an easy transition from performing on a stage. I have always been labeled a social butterfly, and love being in an environment where I am consistently meeting people from all walks of life which is perfectly suited to the role of Island Ambassador.

Pioneering Work

I am happy to have spent my time on Pelee Island supporting and developing tours and experiences for visitors in the heart of Lake Erie. I look forward to creating more memorable island memories for both old friends and new ones of Pelee Island.

Describe a passion you share with others outside of your work life.

When I am not guiding tours or assisting with your island experience, you can find me strumming my ukulele and singing my heart out by a campfire, or on the beach. If you see me scribbling in a notebook, it might be lyrics to a new song or a novel idea. As Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity; the more you use the more you have!”