Melissa Wiper
C.F.O/Chief Fun Officer

“As the C.F.O/Chief Fun Officer for Pelee Island Adventures, my commitment to all visitors, residents, and island businesses is to enhance current island experiences as well as, introduce new and exciting adventures in a fun, safe, educational, sustainable, and easy way! I, along with my team of Island Ambassadors, are ready to assist Pelee Island patrons to SEEK THE EXPERIENCE.”

“I have always enjoyed helping people, serving the public, and making people happy”

What do you love about working at Pelee Island Adventures?

I enjoy public engagement, animating dialogue, and just being a friendly face. I am in my element when I’m interacting/ informing people. I love to travel and learning and seeing new things so I want to share that joy of discovery with others when they come to Pelee Island.

What is the key to communication?

One of the key things that I learned and feel is very valuable is to always adapt to your audience. I feel people tend to respond better when you are engaging with them in a relatable way.


Teamwork makes the dream work as they saying goes! A lot of what I have been apart of and having success with is all a huge thanks of working within a solid team environment. I firmly believe in many hand make light work and many heads are better than one!

Island Evolution

Even though I believe in the “if it isn’t broke then don’t try to fix it” I also believe that change is required for things to continue on. I typically like to watch how things operate, follow those processes, and then sometimes slowly, other times more efficiently introduce a new method of getting the same result or a better result. What Pelee Island Adventures is aiming to do on the island, isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but we are elevating the current offerings and previous methods of handling tourism and hospitality. We simply want to make it easier for everyone. So looking at opportunities for improvement can be a simple form of the pioneering spirit and I feel that as a resourceful individual and problem solver, I can and enjoy looking for ways to make things better for individuals. That comes back to what I originally said about enjoying helping people!