Over the last year, I have been developing my content creation skills. I have always considered photography a passion of mine, but with the new social media platform creation tools, I’ve been able to discover new unique ways to channel my artistic capturing of the world as I see it. Check out my Instagram account under the handle @jildarosesings.

Greetings! I am Mike Gram, AKA Mike G. Photography /Pelee Pics. I arrived on Pelee Island to live full time after agreeing to a permanent deployment as a Border Service Officer for CBSA in 2016. My wife, Laura, was able to join me when a teaching position became available at Pelee Island Public School. Our plan is to finish our careers on Pelee Island and become full time retirees.

I have enjoyed photography for most of my life, but since moving to Pelee Island it has transformed my passion to a whole new level. My primary focus is nature, including birds and scenery, which are abundant on the island. It is my desire to share the beauty that I realize everyday with those who love Pelee.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Pelee Island Adventures. It is my sincere hope that Melissa and Jeff are hugely successful in this endeavor.


Pure Pelee was born from a vision of two women who believe in not only the Island’s charm and magic but that it became our culture, instilling a way of life through a sense of inner freedom, hard work, play and traditions. Wearing a favorite Pelee Island t-shirt is part of that tradition and we set out to help create that culture for others through pictures of Pelee Island as well as offering apparel that not only looks and feels good but becomes a way of sharing your own pure Pelee stories.

For the past 11 years, Sterling Keaton has had a camera by his side, always hoping to capture whatever he sees fit.  Sterling’s love for photography started with wildlife, then transitioned into landscapes.

His main focus has changed again,  focusing on what Sterling calls “scenes”… scenes existing in the world on their own. Whether these scenes are manmade or placed by nature, Sterling captures the world being itself. His motivation driven by a love for the outdoors and sharing these unseen moments of day to day life.

Michelle McCormack is an outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist. Michelle was introduced to Pelee Island  in 1998 through her father’s Environmental Leadership Program.  For the last 23 years, her connection with Pelee Island has continued both on the island and on the mainland. She currently enjoys working with Caldwell First Nation.  Michelle has a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism and a Minor in Indigenous Learning from Lakehead University and is happy to share her knowledge by various mediums. Taking photos on the island, acknowledging and appreciating Pelee’s natural beauty is just another passion for Michelle.