To Bring You the best possible experience on Pelee Island

Pelee Island Adventures exists to help you have the best possible experience on Pelee Island.  We do this by providing resources and information about PI tours, transportation rentals, and accommodations before stepping off the ferry.

From the Chief Fun Officer

“Too often, it was visible to see families or groups getting off the ferry and could see that they were excited to be on the island but at the same time they looked a little lost. Since we know there is so much to see on Pelee Island, we wanted to pull together a Pelee Island Adventures Headquarters and Tour Information Centre as a clear and visible location to answer questions and to be able to direct visitors to all the amazing locations and businesses on the island.”

“When we learned that Pelee Island was in the running for the Golf Cart Pilot program in 2021 that Council had been working on and wanting for years, we immediately began our search for the best environmentally sensitive and reliable golf carts in the industry that visitors will enjoy renting in order to access all parts of the island.”

“By informing visitors ahead of time on our website of having comfortable and reliable motorized transportation, they can more easily visit Pelee without having the concern that their vehicle might not get on the ferry.”

“We want to help visitors SEEK THE EXPERIENCE and we want to be ONE FOR EVERYONE for the island residents and business partners.”