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May 16-June 20:
Wed 11:50am
Thur 11:50am
Fri 11:50am
Sat 11:50am
Sun 11:50am

June 21- Sept 2:
Mon 11:50am
Wed 11:50 & 5:50
Thur 11:50 & 5:50
Fri 11:50am
Sat 11:50 & 5:50
Sun 11:50 & 5:50

Sept 3- Oct 13:
Wed 11:50am
Thur 11:50am
Fri 11:50am
Sat 11:50am
Sun 11:50am

  • Island Ambassador Tour guide
  • Fun and informative tour of Stone House 1891
  • Island artifacts display
  • Tasting of Stone House 1891 Craft Beer made with Pelee Island ingredients or house-made gourmet chocolate sample

Additional Information

  • Booking online in advance is highly recommended to guarantee your spot on the tour.
  • Tour begins after checking in at the Pelee Island Adventures office located adjacent to the Stone House 1891 restaurant
  • For those under 19 or non-beer drinkers, enjoy a homemade Stone House 1891 gourmet chocolate medallion

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Perfect For:

20 min TOUR
Stone House 1891
Arrive / Revive
Tour & Tasting
(craft beer or chocolate)

Aptly named the Arrive and Revive Tour because right after you ARRIVE, you can jump on this fun and informative tour, complete with a craft beer tasting or sample of house-made gourmet chocolate to truly REVIVE!

During this entertaining 20 minute tour and tasting, you will learn about Stone House 1891's rich history dating back the prohibition era and it's wide array of uses over the years from a liquor store and jail, to a family home and now a beautifully updated craft bar and kitchen.

While on tour you will also learn about all the modern, repurposed and sustainable upgrades, including the 800° wood-burning oven that has made Stone House 1891 the most unique dining experience on the island today!

As your Island Ambassador guides you through the artifacts display, historic 1891 bar and fancy barn, you will enjoy a sampling of Stone House craft brews made with Pelee Island ingredients.  So scope out your favourite seat on the lakefront patio, relax and experience a little more of our special brand of Southern Latitude & Friendly Attitude hospitality!

  • $17.50* with craft beer tasting: * plus tax, $2 p.p. booking fee & 15% gratuity
  • $12.50* with gourmet chocolate sample: * plus tax, $2 p.p. booking fee & 15% gratuity